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IDAL IP is a boutique firm led by expert practitioners with more than three decades of IP experience all around the world.


We believe in the Right to Counsel for all. We are committed to excellence and have been successfully representing our clients. Whatever your legal needs or questions might be, come to us for comprehensive advice and effective representation. Protecting your rights is what IDAL IP does best.

We have been providing personalised and timely counsel to the people of London. We know how complex and overwhelming the legal process can be. This is why our goal is to help you understand your rights and the issues affecting your case.

We represent and help two different focus group in IP world; IP owners and international associates who represent their own clients.

IDAL IP works hard to protect your rights. But our job doesn’t stop there — we strive to keep you informed about the details of your case as they evolve. We keep you involved and personally guides you in making important decisions about your case. We are here to serve you and protect your rights. Contact us today and schedule a consultation.



Not only us but also our clients around the world believe that IDAL IP is a trustable and a powerful IP company. Especially, our experiences in last 15 years show us each IP owner needs specific answers for common IP questions. So, we provide tailor made solutions to each of our clients for each segmentation of IP world. Our track record shows that we have worked with companies and friends in more than 50 countries to protect and commercialise their IP rights.


Because of the global nature of business today, especially with social media and online commerce, it is important for a brand to control its mark not only domestically but also globally rather than allow somebody else to use it in another marketplace. 


A properly selected, registered and protected trademark can be of great utility to a growing company that is fighting to establish, maintain and expand its market share. There is perhaps no better way to maintain a strong position in the marketplace than to build goodwill and consumer recognition in the identity selected for products and services that can be protected under trademark law.


Patent protection can minimize competition and act as a defensive mechanism against infringement claims from others.


The first step in determining whether to protect a new invention –i.e. product or process- with a patent is to understand the chance of patentability over the prior art together with the costs and benefits of patent protection. The patent application and prosecution process may lasts three to four years and involve a costly legal and consulting fees. Therefore, it is important to foresee, before you file, whether the benefits of being able to exclude others from manufacturing, distributing or exploiting the subject matter compensates the costs of prosecuting and protecting the patent.​


The outward appearance of a product that results from its lines, contours, shape, texture, materials, ornamentation, can be subject of copyright and design rights, and even trademark rights. 


Having the design protection helps you to stop people stealing or copying design or look of your products and therefore they should also be considered as part of a well-rounded intellectual property strategy.​ Just bear in mind that, with a design registration, you protect your product's appearance, but not its function.


We consult how to protect your copyrights namely personal intellectual creations like music, arts, literature which do not have to be registered and take effect at the time of creation.



Last year,  "Facebook" changed its name to "Meta" and announced its plans to construct a virtual society called the "Metaverse." We all know that, the Metaverse will provide an e-commerce experience that can only be found in a three-dimensional digital world. 

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UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO)

Registration authority for brands, registered designs, utility models and patents within The UK


European Patent Office (EPA)

Patent registration authority responsible for EPO members (EU-wide)

European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

Brand and registered design registration authority responsible for EPO members (EU-wide)

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

International registration authority for brands, registered designs and patents

Turkish Patent And Trademark Office (TURKPATENT)

The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office is an intellectual property organisation attached to the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey.

Details about the registration procedure in the relevant European countries and comprehensive information on intellectual property protection within the EU can be called up via the European information platform

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