Metaverse and Trademark

Last year, "Facebook" changed its name to "Meta" and announced its plans to construct a virtual society called the "Metaverse." We all know that, the Metaverse will provide an e-commerce experience that can only be found in a three-dimensional digital world. Although the Metaverse has not yet come, many businesses around the world are prepared to take advantage of the new virtual world's e-commerce market prospects. Many individuals and businesses are stepping up their efforts to market and supply virtual products and services in the Metaverse.

In terms of trademark law, this change is similar to the steps taken by brand owners to protect their trademarks in social media applications years ago. Either as a small business owner or In house counsel of multinational companies, social media sites and metaverse undoubtedly play a significant role in your marketing and sales strategies. Distributed Ledger Technology, smart legal contracts and cryptoassets will likely form the infrastructure of the digital economy and basis for future transactions, which lawyers will continue to advise on.

The TLA (Tech London Advocates) and Blockchain Legal and Regulatory Group put together the second edition of the blockchain legal and regulatory guidance.

Many individuals predict that the Metaverse will lead to the establishment of a new virtual reality economy online. Despite the fact that the Metaverse is digital and will take place in virtual reality, it will surely have an impact on trademark rights in the actual world. The increasing number of new applications submitted to IP offices around the world, including UK intellectual property offices, demonstrates this.

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